War Robots

War Robots Weapons Explained

war robots weapons

War Robots offers fascinating gameplay of PvP robot battle with no mercy. As expected, one of the most crucial element is, of course, the weapons. They are used to assault robot enemies. There are four major weapons including Rocket Weapons, Kinetic weapons, Homing Missiles, and Energy weapons, Each weapon has its own variants and different performances for sure.

1. Rocket Weapons

They launched high caliber explosive ammunition through a flat trajectory and generate the splash damage. Rocket weapons are very deadly since it engages very high damage for sure. They’re also able to rush into the armors and shields of the enemy. However, you should be aware of being open while reloading rocket weapons and a clear aiming are required. 

2. Kinetic Weapons

Kinetic Weapons appear as the rifles intact in your Robots. It’s like Rocket Weapons which deploys in a flat trajectory but with high velocity as well, it’s just similar to using rifles in the first-person-shooter game. You can fire Robot enemies continuously until the barrel empty. Actually, the Kinetic Weapons are quite damaging but they can’t pass the shields and be absorbed instead. It’s best for direct confrontation near the Beacon area.

3. Homing Missile Weapons

As the real-world missile, Homing Missile in the War Robots gameplay doesn’t deploy in a flat trajectory. It’s engaged by locking on the target and firing to it, just like the conventional missile. Homing Missile is deadly and almost unbearable to block and cover. You may need some adaptation in locking and launching Homing Missiles through obstacles in the map. As you’re only using the screen control, you might find that the Homing Missile is less tactical than the others. Check the war robots hack tool on the homepage!

4. Energy Weapons

Looking for plasma or laser beams weapons? You can find them attached in certain Robots in War Robots under the category of energy weapons. Like Kinetic Weapons, energy Weapons features high velocity and damage but with the advanced ability to pass through certain shields. If you’re battling against Robots with energy shields, the Kinetic Weapons could be the effective weapon for your Robots.

Despite the category of Robot, Weapons and Shields could be two prominent factors in choosing the Robots in War Robot. It’s simply because those robots have their own built-in weapons and shields. If you want to consider the damage and controls, you can simply check the weapons before picking a particular robot.

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