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War Robots Tips for Beginner

war robots tips

Once you’re playing War Robots, you may not know where to start. Of course, there is a tutorial and it’s not that hard to learn the gameplay, but it’s still exciting if you know some tips to begin. You can treat these following tips at your own discretion.

1. Stay with Starter Pack

It’s not a secret that new Robots are always tempting but following it could be an unwise decision. It’s better to stay with Destrier which is the starter Robot for everyone. Remember, those robots aren’t going anywhere.

2. Choosing the Pilot Name

You’re only to freely name your Pilot twice while the third will cost you a significant amount of gold unit. That’s why choose carefully your Polit name so you can save the gold. Besides, you’ll a better exposure in the game with one particular name instead of changing it over time.

3. Beacon Capturing

If you want to invest a new robot, make sure that it supports your Beacon capturing, you know why. The selection would be on the Light Robots as they’re fast and high in maneuverability. The speed is very demanded to capture the Beacon. If it’s possible, choose the one that can jump.

4. Medium Robot

There is always a first time for everything including your medium robot. The selection would depend on your strategy, but you can consider the versatility, firing damage, and maneuverability. Choose the one that suits your play style well.

5. Equipment

If you’re selecting the Robots, you need also considering the equipment which suits them, Equipment will certainly enhance the performance of your Robot in the gameplay for sure.

6. Weapons

Consider the weapons attached to your Robots. There are at least four types of weapon in War Robots including Kinetic Weapons, Rocket Weapons, Homing Missile Weapons, and Energy Weapons.

7. Upgrade Priority

Which one should be upgraded first? Weapon or Robots? Quick answer, weapons. Indeed your weapon and Robot have their own level and your weapon’s level should exceed you Robot’s level for sure. A considerable weapon is demanded a competitive war, whatever your Robot is.

8. Effective Shoots

In the beginning, you’re learning aiming but it could be a daunting task while you need to perform effective shoots with no exceptions. At this point, you can enable the lock target feature in the setting configuration as it helps you to lock the enemy target and shoot no one else.

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