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War Robots: Medium Robots

war robots medium robots

Medium Robots are the most common robots in War Robots and have most variants among the categories. It’s the most used Robots in the gameplay and most squads have at least two medium robots deployed for sure. There are thirty Medium Robots by far from nine Robots were available in the older version. Here is what you need to know about Medium Robots including War Robots

1. Balanced Stats

Medium Robots perform like the medium tanks in the real military world. They have both heavy robot’s firepower and light robot’s maneuverability and survival ability but in balanced stats for sure. These balanced stats make Medium Robots versatile for various War Robots strategy. It explains why most people choosing Medium Robots for the war.

2. Capturing Beacon

Along with Light Robots, Medium Robots are eligible to capture the Beacon while deploying the Heavy Robots for this particular task could be not effective. Medium Robot has no special stats so they can be anywhere including teaming up with Light Robots to capture the Beacon. Robots can take damage better than the Light Robots.

3. Assault

The Medium Robots are the front-liners to any aggression in the gameplay. They’re the ones which initiate and lead when assaulting enemies. It’s best for direct confrontations in deadly aggression. Even though the map isn’t that small, sometimes you don’t have a clear path to Beacon, Medium Robots are the ones which can clear the path for the Robot team for sure.

4. Moderate Speed and Durability

It has moderate speed but still way faster than the heavy robots. In other hands, it’s still more durable than the Light Robots. The medium Robots are the ones in the middle. Moderate means in the middle, you shouldn’t expect the maneuverability to be exact with Light Robots and the durability to be exact with Heavy Robot. This way, you can use them to lead the assault or clear the path but not scouting or taking shots for a long time.

5. All Medium Robots

Medium Robots could be the only Robot category left after Pixonic’s plan to erase the other two categories, but it’s not yet. If you’re playing with Light and Heavy Robots, it’s better to use Medium Robots from now. Don’t worry, since it’s a moderate category you won’t be shocked like transferring from Heavy to Light or vice versa. 

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