War Robots: Light Robots

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There are three major robot categories in War Robots including Light Robots, Medium Robots, and Heavy Robots. To be successful in the gameplay, you’ll have to learn about the Robots you want to use for the war. The Light Robots are the ones which perform similar functions to light tanks or scouting in the real-world military. Let’s see about the Light Robots

1.Less Powered

The Light Robots majorly lack firepower stats so you can expect a high damaged engaged by this type of robots. They’re also equipped with light armor for sure so they also have the minimum defense to open attacks from heavier robots. As expected, the light Robots are less durable than the others.

2.Fast and High Maneuverability

The light robots, in other hands, are specifically designed for speed and high maneuverability for sure. They are simply very fast compared to other categories and make them responsive to dodge most attacks. You can easily control the maneuver of the light robots. As they don’t have an advanced armor, the maneuverability could be the advantage to avoid fatal damage while the heavier robots may just take it with better armor. These make light robots are perfect for scouting the squad robots. 

3.Capture the Beacon

Despite its disadvantages, Light Robots actually have a very crucial role, which is capturing the Beacon. It’s quite a plot twist that one of the most important roles which determine the end of the game is taken by the “underdogs”. It’s fine if the Light Robots can kill the Heavy Robots. Let’s the Light Robots play its role.

4.Guerrilla Strategy

You’re free to have your own strategy. However, in some cases, you may sneak around with guerrilla strategy instead of directly confronting with the more powerful squad for sure. At this point, Light Robots would be very effective and deadly as well.

5.Group Attack

Once it has deployed, Light Robots should be smartly controlled especially when attacking. For example, it’s almost impossible for a Light Robot to defeat heavy Robot head-to-head, face to face. However, they have the best chance if they stay in a group cooperating to take that Heavy Robot together. Lights Robots could a better tactical performance for sure.

When it comes to PvP, it’s always better to have various types of Robots in your team. Light Robots have their own roles and you can always count on them to capture the beacon for sure. There are eight Light Robots in the War Robots.

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