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War Robots: Heavy Robots

war robots heavy robots

Heavy Robots are the literally the heaviest robots deployed in War Robots gameplay for sure. It’s the most powerful among the other two Robot categories, Light Robots, and Medium Robots. Let’s have a look at its overview and see whether Heavy Robots are what you’re looking for.

1. Slowest

As it’s heaviest, Heaviest becomes the slowest among all. They can’t effectively dodge the attacks but taking them instead. It makes Heavy Robots not suitable for capturing Beacon, not as its particular mission. As expected Heavy Robots also have less mobility and maneuverability than the Light Robots and Medium Robots. In the tactical perspective, it doesn’t support close strategy like guerrilla war which is Light Robot’s favorite.

2. Highest Firepower and Durability

Heavy Robots, in other hands, have the highest Firepower among others yet the most durable ones. Heavy Robots are equipped with long-ranged fire ability which is also deadly. The low mobility is compensated with the effectiveness of engaged with close-ranged brawling. They don’t get bothered with avoiding aggression as they can simply take it.

3. Largest

As expected, the Heavy Robots are not only the heaviest but also the largest due to reasons. Their hardpoint is definitely larger and heavier than the other two. It makes them harder to avoid the shots but it could be a versatile feature where the light Robots takes the Heavy Robots as their fort for a tactical purpose, for example, as they’re waiting for the Medium Robots clearing the path so you can go to enemy’s Beacon safer.

4. Heavy Robots

There are nine Heavy Robots in War Robots by far. These include Fury, Leo, Griffin, Natasha, Rhino, Raijin, Lancelot, and Butch. Pixonic is about to simplify the Robot categories into one only, the medium Robots but they don’t execute the plan yet. There are also no explanations whether these former Heavy Robots will get downgraded or improved on their stats.

In the end, a war strategy in War Robots should involve all types of robot especially when you go on a PvP Battle. Before you take a particular robot to deploy, you need to learn more comprehensive aspects featured in it and see whether it would work with your strategy or not. It may be also related to your play style so it’s natural if you can pick the best Robot for you after days of playing War Robots.

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