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War Robots: Medium Robots

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Medium Robots are the most common robots in War Robots and have most variants among the categories. It’s the most used Robots in the gameplay and most squads have at least two medium robots deployed for sure. There are thirty Medium Robots by far from nine Robots were available in the older version. Here is what you need to know about Medium Robots including War Robots 1. Balanced Stats Medium Robots perform like the medium tanks in the […]

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War Robots: Light Robots

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There are three major robot categories in War Robots including Light Robots, Medium Robots, and Heavy Robots. To be successful in the gameplay, you’ll have to learn about the Robots you want to use for the war. The Light Robots are the ones which perform similar functions to light tanks or scouting in the real-world military. Let’s see about the Light Robots 1.Less Powered The Light Robots majorly lack firepower stats so you can expect a high damaged […]