Pilot Ranks in War Robots

war robots pilots

War Robots feature real-world military rank which is determined by your level. The higher your level, the higher your rank would be. These ranks also represent the number of skills you have to control your robots during the battle. On the other hand, there is also a promotion cost that should be paid to elevate your pilot’s rank. Here is the rank.


Just in the real-world military rank system, you’ll start a career in War Robots as a private. This is a natural rank for players with level 1-10 and no need to pay promotion cost as every player is a private at the beginning. Private only have one skill to control their robots.


Once you’ve reached level 11 you can elevate your rank into corporal with a promotion cost of 500. This also adds your pilot skill by one so a corporal has two skills in total. Corporal is a natural rank for players at level 11-20.

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The sergeant is a natural rank of player at level 21 who has moved from corpora. The promotion cost of elevating your pilot into a sergeant is 1,000. By ranking up to be a Sergeant, one more skill is added to your pilot so you have three skills in total now.


When you reach level 31, your pilot’s rank can be elevated to Lieutenant with a promotion cost of 1,500. Lieutenant rank in War Robot is a middle-level pilot rank just like the real world military. You’ll stay at this level for a while until level 40 and you have four skills in total.


The captain is the next pilot rank you can achieve when you reach level 41 and pay the promotion cost of 2,500 golds. As a captain pilot, you’ll have five skills to use on your robots on the battlefield. You’ll stay as a captain for ten levels and you can become the major.


Major is the second-highest pilot rank in the War Robots which you can achieve in level 51. However, you need to promote your Captain pilot to the Major Rank by purchasing 5,000 golds. You’ll stay for a while in this rank and you can learn six skills in total.


Colonel is the seventh and the highest rank in the War Robots industry. Players can go further to General or any higher rank than Colonel. Elevating your pilot into this rank allows it to learn seven skills for the battling. You can unlock this rank when you reach level 61 but a promotion fee of 7,500 golds should be paid in advance.

Those are seven pilot ranks in War Robots you can achieve through your progress. Pilot rank isn’t only about sets of achievements but it has things to do with your current gaming experience. The higher your rank, the more skills your pilot can learn which gives advantages in the gameplay. In the next article, we would reveal how to level up your pilot more effectively.

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