Active and Passive Modules in War Robots

war robots modules

A Module is basically items or element can be equipped to your robots for battles. War Robots has two different categories of modules the Active Modules and Passive Modules. There are currently five Active Modules and eight Passive Modules in War Robots you can equip to your robots.

Active Modules

Active Modules are basically the items can be used to allow robots performing particular abilities through activation. Even though the Active Modules are basically free, the activation is not. You need to redeem it with energy currency called Power Cells. Fortunately, you can grind through battles for Power Cells or simply purchase the package with a certain amount of gold. However, it’s also said that you can use golds if you activate the modules before the game session.

You need 20-40 Power Cells to activate the Modules one time. Unfortunately, each robot can have no more than one Active Module slot so you need to choose the assignation. Active modules come from outside your robots so they’re not upgradable and not all robots can be equipped with Active Modules.

There are currently six Active modules including Quantum Radar, Repair Unit, Advanced Repair Unit, Lock-Down Ammo, Death Mark, and Phase Shift. You can assign and activate one of these modules depending on your playing styles and/or strategy. Since they can’t be upgraded, Active Modules will adjust themselves to your robot’s current stats.

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Passive Modules

Passive modules are the modules that can be purchased and equipped to your robots permanently. Unlike active modules, Passive Modules not only provide specials with activation but also allow you to have permanent stats on your purchases. All robots have one to three slots for Passive Modules unlocked at level 3, level 6, and level 9.

Since they provide permanent stats, they work like your robots and other equipment. There are lower tier and higher tier passive modules or simply the cheap and expensive ones. These passive modules are basically upgradable but they can’t reach Mark II like other equipment in War Robots.

You can simply purchase Passive Modules with either silvers or golds in the store. Currently, there are eight passive modules in War Robots including Armor Kit, Anticontrol, Fortifier, Battle Born, Nuclear Reactor, Thermonuclear Reactor, Last Stand, and Heavy Armor Kit. Since each robot can have three slots, you can decide the best possible combination applied to robots in your hangar.

Some People choose to not upgrade their passive modules as they tend to combine them by activating the active modules. However, if you rely on these passive modules, it’s highly suggested to upgrade them to improve your robot’s performance in the Beacon Rush and other game modes.

Both Active and Passive modules can be used collaboratively in the game. When it comes to Active Modules, choose the one which actually you need to improve your winning chance(depending on your strategy). Even though you have more slots for Passive Modules, you still need to assign the best possible modules in particular robots you’ll use.

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