How To Play Domination Mode in War Robots

war robots domination mode

Domination is a War Robot’s decent game mode aside from Skirmish, Beacon Rush, Deathmatch, Free for All, and custom game mode. It’s released five years ago and features decent gameplay. If you’re new to the Domination game mode in War Robots, check our guide below.

What’s Domination Mode?

Domination Game Mode is basically a 6v6 multiplayer battle that contends two teams fighting for their beacons. Each team is teamed up with six players and all types of robots are allowed here. In fact, it was the first game mode available in War Robots launched in 2014.

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Domination is about two opposite teams capturing beacons each other. However, killing other robots is also an alternative objective. You can win a domination game in a couple of ways. First, you can capture and hold your opponent’s beacons as many as you can. If you can completely capture most/all beacons, you’ll win the game. Otherwise, you can simply destroy all opponent robots before the time limit is over(usually ten minutes.

For some War Robots addicts, Domination is the highest game mode category. It’s considered to be the most competitive game mode in War Robots. Capturing beacons, to some extent, is way harder and more challenging than simply killing the robots. It’s because a beacon can be guarded or defended by more than one robot. On the other hand, Domination isn’t only about capturing but also holding them from being recaptured by your opponent robot.

Here’s how you can play Domination mode in War Robots:

Having A Strategy

There is no way you can play Domination solo but you’ll have to team up with the other five players. As previously mentioned, Domination features competitive gameplay. At this point, you can neither capture the beacons nor winning Domination game on your own. Let’s say you’re capturing a beacon, you’ll need a backup until it’s successfully captured. It’s because your robot is in a vulnerable position when capturing the beacons.

That’s why rushing into the opponent’s hangar would never work. Instead, you need to consider the available robots that can support you to capture these beacons.

Capture and Hold

Capturing the beacon in War Robots doesn’t mean destroying them. It’s about turning the opponent’s beacon color into yours. What you need to do is holding them until the capture bar is full. If you’re distracted when capturing, you’ll have to start over again. When the color has turned from red to blue or blue to red, it’s claimed and you can go to another beacon.

Cover and Attack

Depending on the type of robots you’re using, you need to effectively attack the robots. You might find the movement of the robots is slower on your screen since they’re big and heavy (also depending on the types of robots). At this point, you can take advantage of this timing element to launch a destroying attack. When maneuvering, your opponent may already take 20-30% of the damage before they can put the crosshair to your position.

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