How To Level Up Your Pilot in War Robot

war robots leveling pilots

In the previous article, we’ve described seven ranks achievable in War Robots. These include Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Colonel as the highest rank. Each rank has an interval of ten levels but they’re not automatically unlocked. In this article, we would reveal how to level up your pilot in the War Robots.

Leveling Up Organically

The most legit way to go from Private to Colonel is by treating it as an actual military career. You can simply progress on through diverse game modes in War Robots. As you might have known, despite golds, winning the battles or completing objectives you can also earn experience. It’s a common game mechanic that allows you to level up and War Robots apply the same thing.

There is a range of game modes you can play for the experience. However, the success in leveling up would depend on how you perform in the gameplay. Winning and completion are two major objectives so you can bank high experience and then level up quick enough.

There is an experience bar you can regularly check to track your current pilot progress. When ranking up your pilot has become your motivation, then you can follow this bar. Then, you can keep it up with your progress through different game modes. Of course, you might have your favorite modes but you should know that they do not equally provide you with the same amount of experience (and golds). At this point, it’s very important to distribute your grinding efforts to multiple game modes.

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Pay The Promotional Cost

With an interval of 10 levels between one rank to the higher one, grinding could be very tough but it would worth your achievement. Whenever you reach the minimum level limit, the rank will be available to unlock. However, you’ll need to pay the promotional cost with your gold that the amount would depend on the rank. The higher the rank, the more gold you should spend on promoting your pilots.

It’s pretty much like an offline military system where you need to get promoted to rank up (except the part of paying money). For example, to elevate your private pilot to a Corporal, you need to pay 500 golds and you’ll have to spend twice for promoting this Corporal pilot to a Sergeant rank. Unfortunately, this promotional cost is not optional so every player needs to pay them first before ranking up their pilot.

Don’t get it wrong, ranking up isn’t only about putting the status to your level or prestige only as it actually provides you with functional advantages either. By ranking up, you can add one more random skill to learn for your pilot. You can accumulate these skills and when you reach Colonel, the highest rank, you can have seven skills which could be helpful for your pilot performance in the battle.

If you want to level up your pilot so fast without grinding too much, you may consider boosting the experience by purchasing a particular amount of free gold. However, the road to Colonel is actually super fun since there are various game modes you can play through.

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