How To Get Free Gold in War Robots

war robots free gold and silver

Gold is the second basic in-game currency in War Robots but they’re harder to get than silver. Other currencies include Components, BM Keys, and Power Cells. Golds are very important as you need to use them for purchasing new robots, redeeming items, unlocking hangar slots, and accelerate the time of upgrade. You can’t develop the basics of your playing without golds to spend. For example, how can you add new robots if you even don’t have any slots for them in the hangar?

You can, of course, purchase the Gold package through in-game purchases. However, there are actually some ways you can get free gold in War Robots, let’s check them out. 

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Leveling Up

As you’re progressing your play, you’ll level up soon depending on how frequent you play War Robots on your phone. As this article is written, you can get free 50 golds as you level up. It’s not actually a particular method to earn gold as all players would have the same experience. However, it does give you some motivation especially if you hardly earn gold.

Completing Daily Missions

War Robots has diverse daily missions and various tasks to complete. The good news is that these daily missions reward you with a certain amount of gold. Depending on the missions, you can bank up to 40 golds for the completion. You should have known that there might be more than one mission each day. If you play through these missions, you can collect more free golds in War Robots.

Kills More Robots

You can basically earn golds through the battles but you need to have an exceptional performance to take it. Whenever you’re playing within a robot team, it’s better if you go to the top. Be the one who kills most opponents because this would give you bonus gold. You can earn five golds for first place, three golds for second place, and one gold for third place. Of course, you can collect the bonus golds only if your team wins the round.

Be MVP on Beacon Captures

Despite killing opponents, you need to capture most beacons on the battlefield if you want to get more free coins. As your team wins the round, you can collect the bonus golds. Depending on the strategy you want to apply but being beacon MVP will require you to play more aggressively. At this point, you need to capture all opportunities in the battle and get all possible golds you can gain. 

Collect Idle Bonuses

Unlike other games that give bonus currencies for consecutive log-in, War Robots gives bonuses for being idle. It doesn’t mean that the game encourages active players to leave the game. Instead, the developer applies gold bonuses to attract inactive players. On the other hand, if you don’t play for a while, then you’re also missing chances to collect golds with methods previously mentioned. It’s not a particular way to earn gold, but in case you’ve not logged in for a while, don’t forget to collect your bonus.

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