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How to Deal With Sniper in War Robots

war robots sniper

In any shooter games, it’s always annoying to get sniped by those snipers. It takes most of the game’s enjoyment as there are usually very few things you can do about it. Unfortunately, the same experience might still be in War Robots too. Here are some tips for you to deal with such snipers in War Robots.

1. Distractions

Always use the possible distractions to move from sniper’s sights when they’re blind of your position. You should be okay to get closer for effective engagement with them. Distractions could be anything but considerable distraction include when the sniper firing at other robots.

2. Don’t Expose Your Robot

Once you’ve realized that there is a sniper in your enemy’s team, it’s very important to avoid open space. Don’t expose your robot as their target, take close-range brawls with snipers, use the landscape.

3. Clear Path

In order to get a closer range with the sniper, you should be invisible. The basic way is to clear the path by ensuring that you’re not closely followed by targeted Robots. It would get your Robot notified and become the next target to lock.

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4. Covering

You need to cover your Robot at the most time. You can always take advantages of the landscape as the dynamic fort. Of course, you can hide every time, take this strategy to move and get closer to the sniper’s position.

5. Avoid Spawn Area

It’s an open space in the base of your enemy which are usually spawned by your robot enemies. It’s a critical area for the sniper and don’t be a clear target in this area. You can take the path behind the sniper’s position as it’s the blind spot and could be the only way to move without getting noticed in this area.

6. Take Distance and Position

Avoid being in a clear view of your enemy’s sight. Always take a distance and get the best position outside the spawning path or area. This way, you can have a chance to get closer with the sniper.

7. Get Closer and Engage

The previous points inform you about the possible ways to get closer to sniper’s position but you need the right time to engage. You need to wait until the sniper firing and it’s the best chance to engage and take it down in a range.

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