Four Major Strategies in Capturing the Beacon War Robots

war robots capturing the beacon

Playing War Robots could be very addicting due to the competitive gameplay of PvP. The major part of gameplay is capturing the Beacon which is pretty much like Turrets in Mobile Legends. Pixonic has reformed War Robots from a third-person-shooter offline game into a multiplayer online robot war game, so this concept is reasonable. Beacon capturing is actually the major role of the Light Robots in a team. It’s because they’re the fastest and have very high maneuverability compared to Medium and Heavy robots for sure.

Here are four major strategies of Beacon capturing in War Robots Gameplay (these aren’t the official terms of course).


It’s where your Robot goes straightforward heading to the enemy’s beacon and ignores all possible attacks from Robot enemies. It’s a risky strategy and requires a shield to perform. If you’re using the Light Robots, upgrades on your shields are a must. Otherwise, it could be a suicide mission and worsen the whole team played as the medium and heavy robots have more damaging weapons. Some weapons like rocket, missile, and energy weapons can even get through the shields.

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You can also indirectly head to the enemy’s beacon area but considering the threats and avoid them. You don’t engage or attack the enemies, simply avoid them. This strategy may require you to equip your Robot with protection equipment as well as the shields.


At this strategy, you take down all enemies getting closer to your position while you’re capturing the Beacon. It’s actually a warring strategy that requires heavier robots equipped with powerful weapons to perform. It’s okay to have heavier robots for this task as they’re simply durable than the Light Robots for sure. The equipped weapons include the auto-riffles and rockets


This strategy proposes a move towards the Beacon to capture, keeps alert to the environment, and attack only whenever your Robot is attacked. It’s not confronting the aggression, not suggesting one but not avoiding or running from any attacks. This strategy requires both moderate weapons and shields.

Each type of robots may be perfect for one or two strategies. However, those Robots from Korea may suit all of these strategies and finish the Beacon capturing. However, Beacon Capturing is also related to the team’s strategies as you’re not playing alone. For example, you need to decide whether the backups are provided or not for Beacon capturing.

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