war robots capturing the beacon

Four Major Strategies in Capturing the Beacon War Robots

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Playing War Robots could be very addicting due to the competitive gameplay of PvP. The major part of gameplay is capturing the Beacon which is pretty much like Turrets in Mobile Legends. Pixonic has reformed War Robots from a third-person-shooter offline game into a multiplayer online robot war game, so this concept is reasonable. Beacon capturing is actually the major role of the Light Robots in a team. It’s because they’re the fastest and have very high maneuverability […]

war robots domination mode

How To Play Domination Mode in War Robots

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Domination is a War Robot’s decent game mode aside from Skirmish, Beacon Rush, Deathmatch, Free for All, and custom game mode. It’s released five years ago and features decent gameplay. If you’re new to the Domination game mode in War Robots, check our guide below. What’s Domination Mode? Domination Game Mode is basically a 6v6 multiplayer battle that contends two teams fighting for their beacons. Each team is teamed up with six players and all types of robots […]

war robots free gold and silver

How To Get Free Gold in War Robots

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Gold is the second basic in-game currency in War Robots but they’re harder to get than silver. Other currencies include Components, BM Keys, and Power Cells. Golds are very important as you need to use them for purchasing new robots, redeeming items, unlocking hangar slots, and accelerate the time of upgrade. You can’t develop the basics of your playing without golds to spend. For example, how can you add new robots if you even don’t have any slots […]

war robots sniper

How to Deal With Sniper in War Robots

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In any shooter games, it’s always annoying to get sniped by those snipers. It takes most of the game’s enjoyment as there are usually very few things you can do about it. Unfortunately, the same experience might still be in War Robots too. Here are some tips for you to deal with such snipers in War Robots. 1. Distractions Always use the possible distractions to move from sniper’s sights when they’re blind of your position. You should be […]

war robots tips

War Robots Tips for Beginner

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Once you’re playing War Robots, you may not know where to start. Of course, there is a tutorial and it’s not that hard to learn the gameplay, but it’s still exciting if you know some tips to begin. You can treat these following tips at your own discretion. 1. Stay with Starter Pack It’s not a secret that new Robots are always tempting but following it could be an unwise decision. It’s better to stay with Destrier which […]

war robots weapons

War Robots Weapons Explained

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War Robots offers fascinating gameplay of PvP robot battle with no mercy. As expected, one of the most crucial element is, of course, the weapons. They are used to assault robot enemies. There are four major weapons including Rocket Weapons, Kinetic weapons, Homing Missiles, and Energy weapons, Each weapon has its own variants and different performances for sure. 1. Rocket Weapons They launched high caliber explosive ammunition through a flat trajectory and generate the splash damage. Rocket weapons […]

war robots heavy robots

War Robots: Heavy Robots

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Heavy Robots are the literally the heaviest robots deployed in War Robots gameplay for sure. It’s the most powerful among the other two Robot categories, Light Robots, and Medium Robots. Let’s have a look at its overview and see whether Heavy Robots are what you’re looking for. 1. Slowest As it’s heaviest, Heaviest becomes the slowest among all. They can’t effectively dodge the attacks but taking them instead. It makes Heavy Robots not suitable for capturing Beacon, not […]

war robots medium robots

War Robots: Medium Robots

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Medium Robots are the most common robots in War Robots and have most variants among the categories. It’s the most used Robots in the gameplay and most squads have at least two medium robots deployed for sure. There are thirty Medium Robots by far from nine Robots were available in the older version. Here is what you need to know about Medium Robots including War Robots 1. Balanced Stats Medium Robots perform like the medium tanks in the […]

war robots types of robots

War Robots: Light Robots

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There are three major robot categories in War Robots including Light Robots, Medium Robots, and Heavy Robots. To be successful in the gameplay, you’ll have to learn about the Robots you want to use for the war. The Light Robots are the ones which perform similar functions to light tanks or scouting in the real-world military. Let’s see about the Light Robots 1.Less Powered The Light Robots majorly lack firepower stats so you can expect a high damaged […]