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War Robots game is a freemium mobile app game developed and published by the Russian game developer Pixonic. It is a third-person shooter with real-time PvP battles in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mode. Players operate BattleTech-like robots on a live battlefield. The source from Wikipedia.

The War Robots has brought Mecha War into your hand palm. You can control your own Mech in the first-person-shooter point of view and destroy computer’s or other player’s mechs. The battle of robots would have never been better without mobile internet. Today, War Robots becomes a Massively Multi-Player Online(MMO) game. As this article is written, War Robots mod apk have been downloaded for more than 50 million times.

War Robots have joined MOBA games by transforming itself as one of the major PvP games. Gone are the days where War Robots was played as an offline third-person shooter. It becomes one of the most prominent mobile robot game. So, instead of discussing the past version of War Robots cheats, this article would review the current version.

How looks the gameplay of War Robots?

Pixonic has transformed War Robots into a real-time 6v6 multiplayer game in third-person point of view. It allows you to set up your mecha, team up with other five players, and fight against other robot teams real-time. There are more than 40 mecha robots can be selected for the robot battle. In the battle, you should shoot and take down your enemies until they’re nothing left. There will be tens of types of weapons you can use in the War Robots tricks or tips with different damages ranging from conventional bullet-fuelled weapons to plasma weapons. You can’t get it without War Robots cheats or hack. Our tool has a lot of options and it is simple to use, so you can generate an unlimited amount of Gold and Silver. You can use it on Android and iOs device or download the apk.

Each time you defeat robot enemies or complete the tasks, you’ll get credits. You can use these credits to upgrade your weapons or get the new ones whenever you need them for particular battles or missions. This way, managing your resource could be the key to success in War Robots. Of course, how you control your mech and apply team strategy would be the most determining factors. Depending on the player, the War Robots hack actually offers competitive gameplay.

Even though it’s not the main attraction in the War Robots tips, you can actually build clans. This way, you can support each other in defeating other clans with shared resources and skills. Each multiplayer round would be unique, your skill and experience would be the most cheat to be successful in War Robots tips. Battling is the main gameplay throughout the War Robots Mods reviews and news.

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As expected, War Robots is free to play but you can buy more credits with real money upgrades for your robots, enhance the storage space, or purchase new robots for your contingent. The use of credits highly influences or even determine your play. It’s because you’ll need credits everytime you need more powerful weapons or robots through upgrades or purchases. Gaining credits by destroying other robots can be too slow in the process, in-app purchases could be tempting. At this point, pay-to-win could be an issue in hacks for War Robots tips but you can still enjoy the competitive gameplay without spending any penny for your play.

Game Controls

As it’s available for Android and iOS devices, the tapping screen is the main control of War Robots apk. The navigation control is easy to perform as well as the moving control. However, there is no such vertical control which allows you to flexibly aim your weapon towards other robots. At this point, you’ll have to take the benefit of the landscapes and the surrounding states in order to get into the firing position before you can actually fire the robot opponent. In the chaos, it’s quite hard to find the right firing position and fire without wasting ammo or energy. In fact, there are no much control improvements through the War Robots updates. It seems that Pixonic wants to keep the realistic mecha control based on the real-world experiences. Besides, all the players will experience the same thing and most of them have no complaints on this matter.


War Robots features a decent graphic which pampers your play. A device with better hardware specs would enjoy the clearness, details, and sharpness of the War Robots graphics. For a real-time multiplayer robot game, the graphics motion is very pleasing and enjoyable. The Pixonic’s works on the robots and environment in the War Robots are very respectable. Of course, you can downgrade the quality as you’re playing it with a device with lower specs. A larger and wider screen could provide a better War Robots playing experience for sure.


Despite the huge improvements during these past years, Pixonic still intends to reach a wide spectrum of players. They keep the size of the game not exceeding half of GB so it’s still space-friendly for the older devices. As the recent version of War Robots is the online multiplayer, you’ll need to connect your device into a stable internet connection while playing it. If you can find War Robots in the Google Play Store or App Store, then your device is compatible to install it.


The PvP mode is 6v6 and allows you to play with and against other players around the world. It’s the major mode for the newest version of War Robots. However, you can set your goals more than being a Robot killer. For example, you can earn the Best Pilot title as you’ve completed sets of tasks. Creating your own clans also improves your game experience as it connects you to even the wider universe of War Robots

How does it work?

It is simple. The tool is working on Android and iOS devices and also, you can download into your pc. If you want to use our war robots hack you need to enter to a page with the generator and follow the instruction. In the beginning, you have to enter your username or email in the tool. Use your login, we will find you in game database and will add you the number of gold and silver which you select. If the username/email will correct, our software starts to add your resources to account. After processing all process, you will have all the resources on your account within 2-5 minutes. It’s all.

The tool is safe and available for everyone

Our war robots generator for gold and silver is safe because we use encrypting software to encrypt all data in the database. Also, you don’t take us the password to your account, so nobody can enter to your account. We created the tool to support players who don’t want to spend unnecessarily the money or who haven’t money but want to use all game functions. Our mission is to help the war robots player and improve the tool to help more gamers. War Robots hacks and cheats are the safest tool available on the internet!

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